Turkish Blue Real Madrid Third Jerseys

Since 2009, Ronaldo has been signed by Real Madrid for £80 million, with a sky-rise salary €12 million per year. Up to today, he has still run in the unique Real Madrid football shirts on fields, playing a leading role in the team. On July 6, Ronaldo debut in a stadium as a regular of Real Madrid, showing his number nine football shirt. In that time, he received the most enthusiastic welcome in the history of Real Madrid.

Ronaldo was born in a poor family for his father being a gardener at an amateur club and his mother having being a cook and a cleaner. For the worship to the 40th President Ronald Wilson Reagan of his father, he was named after Ronaldo but no interest in politics. The reason of his father’s respect to the President Ronald Wilson Reagan shall be attribute to a movie acted by Ronald Wilson Reagan.

The eminent performances of Ronaldo caught the attentions from a local football club in short time. So, Ronaldo become a football star with only a small amount of followers. In 1998, Sporting Clube de Portugal was amazed by the gifts of Ronaldo, and signed the 13-year-old footballer for £15 million. Sporting Clube de Portugal perhaps hadn’t expected that the value of Ronaldo himself increased about 10,000 times. Ronaldo was deride by his buddies for his dialectal accent for the first few months at Sporting Clube de Portugal. For over-fast growing height, he was scarcely kicked out the team for his over-awkward movement on football fields. It was at the Sporting Clube de Portugal that Ronaldo received five years’ strict and scientific training. Unremitting efforts making him become an outstanding footballer among his teammates.


Ronaldo narrowly bid a farewell to his playing career for heart disease. With the helping hand of his mother and members of Sporting Clube de Portugal, he completed operation successfully and presented at football fields just several days later.

Having played for Real Madrid for numerous times, he was striking on football fields in his No. 9 football shirts. In the recent matches, he played on football fields in the latest 2017-2018 Real Madrid third football shirts. The latest third football shirt was designed by football fans cooperatively through an online platform Creator Studio.

Last summer, Adidas published the “Creator Studio” to encourage numerous football fans participating in designing links. It is a great opportunities for all football fans to create third football shirts of many football clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Juventus, AC Milan and Flamingo. All entries will be assessed by netizens through the online platform. And then, the most fashionable footballers of those clubs will choose the kit that they would wearing on fields.

The all-new football shirt brings a genuine unique and creative image for European champion. Combine Turkish blue with black and white design details, and incorporate the modern digital arts into the pattern of design. The designer Jesus Serrano of new third football shirt was inspired by modern digital arts, and introduced mosaic pattern at the diagonal direction, bringing upside-down image to all people.

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